Our magician performs for one hour, with songs, audience participation and balloon twisting. Christmas and Hanukkah music is included.
Magician costume choices:
Magician In Holiday Tuxedo,
Snow Man,
Dickens Caroler,
The Grinch,
One magician in costume $150    OR    2 magical characters for one hour $250


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For Magicians And Magic Shows Call 312-613-6804. We have storytellers, Stage and Close-up magic, illusionists, amazing card tricks, we entertain you magically
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Kermit and Miss Piggy

Ashley And Blake Magicians

‚Äčplace trophies,at the Houdini convention, 2006.

"We have many event and birthday packages and one of these, I am sure, will make your party perfect and unforgettable." 
Our magical couple, Ashley and Blake, specialize in singing, magic & costumes-themed for you party; their act will thrill all ages. The audience participation, with your guest of honor as the star, will make photos & memories that will last a lifetime.
2 customized, costumed magicians perform a great magic show with face painting, balloon twisting and a goodie bag for the guest of honor, 2 performers for 1 hour only $250.00: - Darth Vader and Yoda
- Pirate Captain and Pirate Wench
- Mickey and Minnie
- Dora and Diego
- In the style of Hagrid and Professor McGonnagall
    - King and Queen of Hearts 
- Santa Claus and Mary Christmas
- Two Irish Leprechauns

Magic Of The Nightingale:  Hire magician, magic shows, children's clowns, Pirates, Leprechauns, Harry Potter 

About The Magic Of The Nightingale:

For My Audience:"If I leave you tonight with a sigh, a tear, or a sense of wonder; then I will be at peace knowing that when I touched your heart, you filled mine to overflowing with the greatest gift an audience can give a performer: your appreciation!" ~ Clare T Ashley, The Magic Of The Nightingale ~
Clare Ashley flew to Stockholm for FISM, to compete in the World Championships of magic, in August 2006. For the best in magical entertainment call  773-685-4158
Master Magicians, Jeff Blake and Clare T Ashley take home two first 

Our magician performs for a great magic show for one hour, with musical accompaniment, audience participation.
Magician costume choices:
Magician In Holiday Tuxedo,
Comical Clown,

Kid's Birthday Party Clown,
Santa Claus
Snow Man,
Dickens Caroler,
The Grinch,
One magician in costume $150 

90 minutes with colorful balloon twisting  $200
2 magical characters for one and 1/2 hour $350. 

"Thank you very much for a great magic show!! I just saw a video of the magician at Adrienne and kyle's!! They loved it so much, and so did I!! You did a great job!!
Thank you, 
Lindsey Eskoz
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Illinois Magicians And Magic Shows Amazing kid's magician  
As storytellers, Ashley And Blake parody the characters from the popular "Harry Potter" books.
A Witch or Wizard, Characters in the style of Professor O'Gonagall, Hagerid or a scary Tormentor will come to your party. A wonderful magic show is performed complete with a personalized "Assorting Hat Ceremony;" we alone include the tattered brown hat which happens to be a talking puppet. The Raven and Black Cat puppet "Halloween" round out this charming act, including "Halloween's" catty rendition of "The End Of The Raven" by Henry Beard.

2 characters for one and 1/2 hour - $350.

* ADD FACE PAINTING to this act.  
A total  of 2 hours with 2 characters - A great value at $450

Two performers, in costume, working together  for one hour $250